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While dogs are often considered man’s best friend, if they are aggressive or untrained, they can cause serious injuries. If you need help filing a dog attack lawsuit after a bite, then trust a dog bite injury attorney from a qualified law firm. Brian K. O’Connor, Trial Attorney is a dog bite lawyer available to serve the Los Osos, CA area. He will fight aggressively on your behalf in order to help you receive compensation.

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In California, dog owners are responsible for any injury caused by their pet, regardless of where the incident occurred. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule, those being:


  • The individual bitten was provoking the dog.
  • The dog was being used by a government official for a job.
  • The dog was being used by an agency in order to investigate a crime or defend another individual.
  • The individual bitten was not legally on the individual’s property.

Provided the situation doesn’t fall under any of these circumstances, the dog’s owner is liable for injury, whether or not the dog showed any previous signs of aggression. Reaching out to dog bite attorneys for assistance can help you obtain compensation for your injuries. Brian K. O’Connor, Trial Attorney is a qualified dog bite injury lawyer that will work diligently to help you with your case. He is an experienced dog bite attorney that will provide you with reliable support and guidance from beginning to end.

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When you’re looking for a dog bite lawyer, consider contacting Brian K. O’Connor, Esq. He has over three decades of trial experience and can serve any individuals near:


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When you suffer from dog bite injuries after an attack, make sure you’re working with dog bite lawyers who can help. Call Brian K. O’Connor today for your free consultation.


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